We adapt this profile with windows to any type of horizontal beam design. Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity and bending resistance of our roller tracks, it is possible to minimize the quantity of material used for the installation of your carton flow racking systems. We thing in Green !


• The perfect and economic solution for a new concept of
Dynamic Racking
• High load capacity, thanks to the shape of the Dinalager
• Great variety of options to cover each case of box to slide
NoBeam profiles are supplied to the customer’s requirements,
with a maximum total length of 2700 mm.
The dimensions that we need to personalize are:
— Interior of the horizontal beams of the rack (A).
— Anchorage width of NoBeam: 80 mm vertical beam by 40 mm
width. Consult special measures.
In case of depths (L) that require an intermediate support of the
roller tracks, the best solution for anchoring the supports must be
studied in each case, since each shelf is different from the others


1.- It is easily installed on the beams of the shelving system,
moving vertically one of them with respect to the other to
find the necessary slope for the sliding of the boxes. A slope of
between 3% and 5% is recommended.
2.- In the holes of the NoBeam, the Mini-tracks will be placed
in a comfortable and perfectly parallel way, starting from
the entry part of the goods and then the collection part. With
a small approaching movement, the rail is introduced into the
cavity, blocking it with simple plastic plugs on the opposite
side: NoBeam inlet and NoBeam outlet with its final flange to
prevent the boxes from falling
Total assembly time: 1 operator = 5 minutes per level