Minimized carton flow bed that holds directly on your shelving horizontal beams. No screws, no nuts and very fast to implant and obtain a gravity flow racks. Also, it’s easy to switch to pallet racking system and redesign your intralogistics needs. Thanks to your own horizontal beams, all the structure is reinforced and no necessary to add other elements (as are needed for the standard carton flow beds).


• Simplified structure for dynamic framework, with the possibility of choosing (or changing) the quantities and type of Roller Tracks.
• Supported directly on the structure: no need of screws.
• Load capacity from 330 Kg/m2 (for 2400 mm depth and 890 mm width).


• Dynamic shelving by gravity.
• Easy and fast assembly versus conventional systems: savings of 70% in installation times.
• Possibility of future change of dynamic shelving from boxes to pallets, as well as vice versa, quickly and easily.
• You can create supply routes, as well as modify functionality in a comfortable and simple way.