Carton Flow


Patent Pending
• Blue wheel closed hermetically and injected with anti-bacterial component. Of blue color, for one better visualization of the dirt generated by nourishing, chemicals, etc. Special for the sectors of food, pharmaceutical, clean atmospheres,...
• Extruded plastic sheet without colouring
• Distance between axles of 1.299 in. and multiples of 0.649 in. for greater distances
• Maximum length of bar: 177.17 in.
• Flow gradient: 3.5%, depending on the type of box
• Possibility of holes in the base for drainage (90 mm)
• ASC Topic GL03 steel or polypropylene


• Carton flow for all types of boxes
• Communication between workstations
• Supply to assembly tables
• Flow of various materials
• Food: as a sterile element, it is suitable for contact with food
• Pharmaceuticals: used in clean rooms, for the flow of elements in clean environments
• Horticulture: easy to clean
• Salinity: does not deteriorate
• Lower operating sound
Load capacities, taking into account the flexural point before deformation: A support point for every 19 in. length of the bar is recommended