Specialists in manufacturing carton flow Roller Tracks (skate wheel conveyor) for flowing all types of small parts, boxes, etc for the carton flow solutions. Find your special type, also in a real conductivity (ESD+) for car battery storage and electronics. Your ideal carton flow partner to make easy the intralogistics with the best gravity roller skate wheels.

The Minirail offers a simple and economical solution that lightens and energizes the stores.

The dynamic shelves by gravity help to better organize the warehouse, save space, improve delivery times and facilitate the rotation of the products.

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It is a conventional shelf, where the shelves are mounted with a minimum inclination of 3.5% and where they are mounted Minirail bars that best suit the type of box to slide over.

When gravity is the element to operate, there is no consumption whatsoever, achieving a compact stock of the boxes and a perfect rotation of the products according to the terms LIFO (Last In First Out).


  • The operator does not need to move, the product moves alone
  • Best used surface: save space
  • Continuous flow of the Products
  • Adaptable to any type of structure or load
  • Productivity increase

Compact stock through FIFO / LIFO system

Reduction in the handling times of the loads

Better controlled and coordinated stocks