Our company and our philosophy

Dinalager manufactures products and solutions for the internal logistics of a warehouse or production plant, its mini-rails or roller tracks, are applied to areas of order preparation or dynamic picking, areas of Cardboard Flow, as well as conveyors or convexes for flow of parcels or container boxes.

We are official distributors of the German brand Rollex, an important manufacturer of conveyor rollers, as well as for the movement of light and heavy loads.

Products such as the pallet rail or the pallet rail roller for the movement of heavy loads and solutions for the dynamic movement of pallets. There are many shelf manufacturer customers who rely on Dinalager for their dynamic solutions for light loads.

Our facilities

We have facilities and warehouses where we test the products


More than 30 years of experience in the sector guarantee our trajectory as manufacturers of recognized prestige, being a clear objective to create an added value in all the parts involved, in order to meet the requirements of our customers. Our location in Terrassa, 20 km from Barcelona (EU) and with good land, sea and air connections, facilitates global shipments with lower transport costs and transit times.

We have modern, automated machinery and a production area of more than 3,000 m2 to ensure proper production and shipping within the established time frame. Specializing in the manufacture of bearing rails for parcels and light loads, we offer a wide variety of products adapting to each customer's needs.

We are a benchmark in the industry and a leader in the global market, exporting our products to more than 35 countries on 5 continents. Through the exclusive peninsular distribution for the products of the German firm Rollex, we can offer solutions for the movement of heavy loads, either by gravity or for motorized sections

Family business founded in 1986 and oriented to offer solutions for intralogistics.

A maximum productive capacity from 4,000 to 8,000 meters daily of Minicarril, according to its type.

Wide variety of solutions, adapted to every need.

We provide products of European manufacture, using local raw materials of 1st quality and according to restrictive qualities.

We guarantee product excellence by applying 4 quality controls during our production process.

We collaborate and advise you in your decisions to choose the best product for your facilities.

Production of special series upon request.

Delivery times adjusted to the maximum depending on the product requested.

Constant innovation is the basis for adapting to new market demands and staying on the front lines.


DINALAGER collaborates with social entities

Social awareness, in accordance with the values of our company, moves us to share a piece of our profits in favour of helping entities.

Foundation for the mentally disabled
Humanitarian institution
Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
Biomedical research projects at the service of the community
Social and Labour inclusion for the mentally disabled

Business associations

To strenghen the economy

100% green energy


Awareness for environmental respect and protection.
LED lighting project in our facilities.
A change towards hybrid vehicles.
Aerothermal heating in our facilities.