Handling of packages

of packages

High quality technical and industrial products. We offer a wide range of products for handling packages: Minirail, conductive rings, cold rings, split wheels, lateral guides, central guides and all kinds of accessories.

Handling of heavy loads

of heavy loads

Innovative wheels that take products from A to B via the shortest route. They never stop working, are high-performing and reliable.

Dynamic storage pallets

storage pallets

Dinalager Pallet Rails have many advantages against normal (static) storage types, flexibility, handling, time- and cost saving.


19 December 2012

The adventure begins in the U.S..Commercial subsidiary with a future production project, in order to offer a better service to the American market....

09 July 2012
The successful company today glides on wheels

Dinalager at the Economy section of the TV program "8 al dia amb Josep Cuní" of 8TV  ...

19 June 2012
Hispack - BTA 2012

Introduction of the Sterile White Minirail.Global innovation for the following sectors: - Horticulture- Food- Pharmaceutical - Handling of glass- Carton Flow systems in corrosive environments (salinity, humidity, ...)...

11 September 2011
25 years of History

Celebration for the 25 years of history of the company.Summer of 2011 to the thermal baths of Caldes de Montbui with the staff of the company and founder of it.Reminders are delivered to all staff and commemorative plaque to the founder....

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